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Temple History
Major Festivals

The presiding deity Sri Nageswara Swami Varu is believed to be “SWAYAMBHULINGAM” and worshipped with high veneration. Goddess Durga Ammavaru is the consert of Lord and it is one among Navadurgas.


Sri Durga Nageswara Swamy temple, Pedakallepalli is a very famous temple. This is called as “DHAKSHANA KASI” on account of the several similarities when compared to Banaras.

The river Krishna flows here towards North as river Ganges flows towards North at Banaras. There is Viswanatha Swamy temple at Kasi and there is Nageswara Swamy at Pedakallepalli. The kshetrapalaka at Kasi is Sri Bindu Madava Swamy, where is Sri Venugopala swamy at Pedakallepalli. This kshetram is referred as Kadalipuri or kadali kshetram in the puranas.

The present temple was constructed in the year 1982 A.D. by one Sri Somasivacharyulu, the Deputy of Pushpagiri Peetaem. The curvings on figures of Somasivacharya and his Upasyaddaivam Pancha Mukha Ganapathi and the sasanams under them enlightened the above information.

The temple was renovated in 1704 by the then Hereditary Trustee Sri Kodanda Ramo Dasahi, the Raja of Davarakota Estate. The rajagopuram in front of the temple was constructed in the year 1795 by the then Hereditary Trustee Sri Yarlagadda Nageswara Rao Naidu, the Raja of Davarakota Estate ( Challapalli Raja ).

The sasanam fixed on the wall inside the Rajagopuram reveals the above information. There is a tank on Eastern, North and western sides of the temple. It is stated that this tank was dug by Karkotaka of Nagulu, this is why the tank is called as “ NAGAGUNDAM “.

There is “KORKOTA “ prathishta in the temple princess in support of legand. The puranas referred to reveal that there is no rebirth to the people who take both in Krishna Uttaravahini and performed pooja in the temple. Vaideka Agama principles are followed for worship in the temple.

The following major festivals are being performed in the temple.

  • 1. Mahasivarathri,
  • 2. Deevi Navarathrulu,
  • 3. Laksha Bilvarchana in Karteekamasam.

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